Request a Donation

We appreciate your interest in Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds as a prospective contributor to your organization.  The spirit of corporate giving is an important aspect of our company culture.

We are inundated with requests each month, and unfortunately it’s impossible to honor them all.  To help us evaluate all requests fairly and consistently, we ask that solicitations for charitable gifts be submitted using our online request form.

Donation Policy

Please take a moment to review our donation policy, since we can honor only those requests that meet the following guidelines:

- We accept requests from nonprofit organizations only and do not grant donations to for-profit organizations or businesses.  We also don’t make monetary donations, support personal fundraisers, sport teams, beauty pageants, or sponsor events.  You’ll see the online request form requires you to provide a nonprofit tax ID number.

- Please keep in mind: We do not accept walk-in or phone requests for donations. Your organization will receive only one donation within a 12-month period. You must submit your request a minimum of four weeks before your event so we’ll have ample time to review it and communicate with you.  Our Community Partnership Committee meets once a month to review all requests. We ask for a letter of acknowledgment following the donation or event for our records. We do not review donation requests in November and December. Your donation must be picked up in person at Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds in West Bend.

Click here to request a donation