About Us

Your Family Jeweler since 1951

68 years have passed and Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds is still fulfilling their mission to provide customers with superior quality, excellent service, exclusive diamond education, and fine jewelry. As Wisconsin’s largest family owned jewelry store, we are honored and privileged to bring a lifelong luster to all of life’s milestone moments.

Our Foundation

In 1951, Marvin Husar, an educated watchmaker, purchased a 200 square foot store front in downtown West Bend. 136 N. Main St. became home to Marvin J. Husar Jewelers.
After succeeding in our first years of business, Marvin J. Husar Jewelers became Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds. We relocated to another spot on the downtown West Bend strip with more than double the square footage. A decade later we expanded and remodeled the 138 N. Main St. location to double the square footage again!

Another ten years passed and the word of quality jewelry had continued to spread. We moved to another new location on Main Street, gaining another 1,400 square feet in 1975, later remodeling the 145 address to fit more display cases, and more diamond and gemstone jewelry. Known as Wisconsin’s destination jeweler, our growth had only just begun.

In 1995, we relocated one more time, always staying in downtown West Bend, right along the river. We went from 4,000 square feet to 10,000 square feet. Today, we sit as Wisconsin’s largest independent jewelry retailer. The expansion in 2007 increased our square footage to 15,000 square feet of retail showroom where we house Wisconsin's largest selection of Ideal Cut Diamonds.

Our Traditions

1951 was just the beginning. “Marv,” as some called him, firmly kept his commitment to remaining in downtown West Bend moving the store four times and renovating it eight times within the confines of the iconic downtown. Regardless of the location on Main St., we continued to understand that when a customer is purchasing a piece of jewelry, they’re purchasing a surprised face, a memory for a loved one, and a future family heirloom. At Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds, a member of the Husar family hand selects each piece of jewelry and giftware in the jewelry store – so you’re also getting 65 years of industry knowledge, excellence in quality and superior service with your purchase.

Our Progress

Today, Husar's House of Fine Diamonds is the largest independent jewelry store in Wisconsin at 15,000 square feet, allowing us to house thousands of styles of engagement rings and wedding bands, plus the state’s largest selection of ideal cut diamonds.  Mike Husar and his sister, Mary Husar Martin, continue their father, Marvin’s legacy that began over 65 years ago.

Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds has achieved a reputation of being one of Wisconsin’s top fine jewelry stores. With loyal customers that travel from all over the state, including Milwaukee, Madison, Northeastern Wisconsin and even the Chicago area, we are really so much more than just a fine jewelry store. As designers, manufacturers, watch consultants, gemologists and top quality jewelers, we are a jeweler that exceeds all standards and expectations of the jewelry industry.

Our Expertise

We care about the little things, like how a piece of jewelry feels in your hand. We care that there is a substantial weight to it, so it doesn’t damage easily. We care if your bangles make a satisfying chime when they jingle together on your arm. We care that your diamond sparkles just so when it catches the light. We only put our name on pieces that have the best possible quality because we care. That’s why we have been around for more than 65 years, and that’s why your jewelry will transcend as generational time pieces.

A Little Piece of Husar History – Husar’s Exclusive “Royal Princess” Diamond

Marvin Husar always took pride in selling the highest quality, most brilliant diamonds. When square diamonds started to become popular again, he was bound and determined to find one that dazzled. After searching high and low, there was no option left except to invent his own cut of diamond.

He, and son Mike Husar, worked directly with our diamond cutters and the American Gem Society, together they came up with the "Royal Princess" cut diamond. A square shape, with the faceting and proportions of an Ideal Cut round diamond.  The result was amazing - a square look, with all the sparkle of a round Ideal cut diamond!

In 2011, we finally received the Patent on our very own Royal Princess Diamond. Unfortunately, Mr. Husar was never able to celebrate his victory, having passed away a few months prior.

We are still cutting and selling the Royal Princess diamonds every day in rings, earrings, and necklaces.  They may not be for everyone, but they are for that special woman who wants something different, a lot of sparkle, and a little piece of Husar history!